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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello Every body

You want to buy jeweleries??

Don’t worry i will guide you to buy the best,the ultimate,and the perfect metal. Whenever you go to buy a gold ornament first you ask the person attending you what CARRET(ct) it is made up off.(A carets is the measurement of purity of gold.
The purest form of the metal is 999 that is 24 cts.The ornamental gold metals are generally of 22cts that is 916 out of 1000). Now check the metal whether it is really made of 22 cts or not.

Are you guessing how??

Look for the logo of the manufacturing company behind every piece and most importantly look for the logo of BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) which is represented with a TRIANGLE and also check out whether 916 is engraved on it or not. If all these are present on the metal you are ready to grab it. Choose your favorite design and happy buying.

If you buy a gold metal without the above quoted marks on it you will not get full resale value of the gold ornaments in future. There are also other cts of gold like 18 and 14 these are used specially for heavy stone studded ornaments becose less the caret the purity of the gold becomes more less thus making it more harder to grip the stones well.

In recent years a new form of gold is coming up in trend the WHITE GOLD. Is is not a natural white metal but instead it is processed to give the white shine on it. Another style in trend is ANTIQUE POLISH which is blck in colour. Every thing is same only the poslish is black. Kundan jewelleris are the tradion of Rajasthan. It is made up of both 22ct and 24 ct gold together.
These are heavy stone studded ornaments and are filled wih lac inside. Now for diamond ornaments which is a bit difficult to ascertain. Keep one thing in mind diamond ornaments are always made up off 18ct metal as it grips the stone more firmly than 22ct. You wont find a BIS mark on the metal of any diamond ornament.Ask the attender about the 4C’s of diamond. The 4C’s are-Cut,Colour,Clarity and Caret. A god CUT gives a better brilliance and can handle lights well. The most commonly used cut is ROUND BRILLIANT. There are various other cuts like PEARS,HEART,MARQUISE,OVAL are the few. A good COLOUR means the colour of the diamonds must be clear.There should be no yellowish or brownish t inch.
The colour grades are from F to K.Although F quality are very rarely found the most common range of colour we use in India is G-H. A CLARITY represents the inclusions of natural marks which are found in the diamonds.Ask for a 10X loop(A magnifying glass under which the diamond are seen) and take a harder look into it.Less the inclusion and better is the stone.
A CARETT(unlike gold it is not the measurement of purity instead it is the measurement of weight of the stone) varies from various range.100 cents makes 1ct. There are very few diamonds which are either blue or red in colour those are called FANCIES.Stones weighing less than 10cents are called MALAY and below MALAY e called STARS.Single diamond ornaments are called POINTERS generally we use the tem pointer if the stone weighs more than 40cents.

More information you want??
About PLATINUM? It is the most rarest metal found in earth. It is naturally white in colour and whenever you buy Platinum look out for PGI(Platinum Guild Intrernational) mark and pt950 mark on the ornament. The pt950 representd the purity of the platinum. I hope next time whenever you step into a ornament shop you will remember me......and last but not the least.....





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sindu,

Thatz really nice & very important information.

Infact last month I bought two ornaments, one for my wife (for her birthday) and another one is for my daughter(on her birthday).

But I have bought them blidly, just by trusting the shop owner & shop name....then I thought how can I check whether I am putting money for the right item

but now, with your information, I can buy safely.

10:26 PM  

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